You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Beautiful images have the power to tell a story, hold your gaze, and even make you fall a little bit in love with what you see before you even realise what you’re looking at.


The way objects interact with one another within an image can lead your eye on a journey. The job of a stylist is to create the path for your eye to follow. 


Armed with a drill, double sided tape and always some pretty botanicals, Em loves nothing more than to help create beautiful, engaging, can't-look-away imagery for your eyes to get lost in. 


Read more below to see how she can help you make some magic. 


Styled product images are an invaluable tool for businesses to create a visual and emotional connection with their clients and customers. Em can help to create imagery which authentically represents a brand, can be used to promote products or a service through marketing and social media, and ultimately leads to brand recognition, exposure and sales.


She offers entry-level packages for businesses just starting on their styled-imagery journey, or can coordinate a full scale product shoot on set or on location. For more information on product styling read below, or click here to see some of her product styling work. 


introductory-level packages for products of all shapes and sizes

Maybe your Instagram is looking a little repetitive, or you need imagery of some new products and don't have the time, or maybe creating content for social media is a bit too scary and you would like some help to get started. Whatever it may be, Em can help.


Depending on the nature, scale and quantity of your products, she will be able to give you an idea of how the shoot will work and what you'll need for it, as well as cost. From there, she'll work with you to select a style, colour palette, shoot location and any coordinating props, as well as organise whatever else you may need for the shoot. Once the brief is set and prep is done, she'll style and photograph as many of your products in as many set ups as she can within the time frame, to give you as much variety as possible. Em will then pack up and head off to get editing before sending you a final collection of edited images. 

Packages start from $450 and you will generally receive 20-30 final images. 

The images will be taken from Em's latest model iPhone and generally are of a social-media quality. Images can be used on the client's website or social media pages only.  

These packages are an entry-level approach to styled imagery and are sometimes not suitable for certain products. If you're not sure where to start, don't hesitate to get in touch.


styling and professional photography for product imagery

If you're after a wide variety of beautifully styled and coordinated, high-quality images of your products, Em's got you covered. 


After chatting to you and creating a brief, she will help design and plan the imagery as well as help with creative direction, mood boards, shot lists, sourcing, set construction, photographer selection, location scouting, talent sourcing, and can even pick up coffee on the way.


Working with a photographer on set, the creative team will collaborate to produce as many beautiful images as possible on the day, including incorporating different products, props, sets, and shot types as required.

Em works with an hourly or daily rate and can provide a quote based on your products and specific requirements. Photographer quote can also be sourced to provide a package price. 

If you have any questions or would like to get started, feel free to get in touch.


Interior styling is about taking a space, refining it, and helping to capture it in the most engaging way by adding elements that enhance the desired aesthetic and taking away distractions. It's about creating a fleeting love affair with a space, about telling a visual story. 

It may be an almost-there home that just needs some accessories and a cherry on top, or it may be a completely empty shell needing to be filled from scratch. The styling can be layered and lived-in, minimal and architectural, or anything in between. No matter how you’d like the final images to feel, Em can help to create a style with the perfect amount of 'zhoozh'.

After establishing a brief and rough shot list, Em will plan and source any furniture, props or accessories that will help bring the space to life. Come shoot day, she’ll set up and style the space while working with the photographer to make sure the space and each element is portrayed beautifully – whether it comes naturally or needs a little help from smoke and mirrors.


Em has styled for interior designers, architects, builders, trades and editorial publications throughout Adelaide and Australia. Whether you would simply like to capture your completed work or are looking to have a space styled and photographed for publication, she's your gal.  


Want to get stuck in? For more information or to get a quote, feel free to get in touchor to see some of her interior styling work click here