Em is an interior, product and photographic stylist who has a passion for creating spaces and images that make you swoon.

With an eye for the eclectic and an overflowing ceramics collection, she has a deep love for all things beautiful. Usually arriving with a drill in one hand and florals in the other, she knows what it takes to create engaging and inspiring images. 

She is an image maker and usually styles for the camera - whether it be for editorial, advertising, marketing or social media.


Her work has been featured in some of Australia's most recognised interiors magazines and she has worked alongside some of Australia's top interior designers and photographers. Em also has a Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture from the University of South Australia. 

She's the type of girl that struggles to sit still, likes to get her hands dirty and will stay up creating things until early hours of the morning. Always looking around for her next adventure, she loves to explore and will never turn down new opportunities or experiences. 


Em is based in Adelaide but she's available for creative projects and collaborations around Australia. For more information about Em, her work, or just to say hello, feel free to get in touch.