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Crushing on: Boho Vibes

Winter in Australia is always tough. The 'beach bum' way of life we're so well known for is forced to hide in bed under layers of quilts with the electric blanket on high. And as a self-declared beach bum, this sucks. But the silver lining? Winter-y interiors. Layers, textures and warm, muted tones. And nothing does these things better than Boho.

The Bohemian style - or 'Boho' - takes the relaxed and effortless feel of beachy interiors, but adds its own layered, warm and textural element, making it the perfect style for winter.

If you want to create a Boho vibe in your home, there are three must-haves:

- A combination of muted and rich tones - musky pinks, burnt oranges and reds, deep blue-greens mixed with off-whites, warm browns and greys are all great tones to work with when it comes to Boho. If you're struggling to find a combination that works, choose a neutral colour to be your base, a main accent colour and two complimentary colours to act as a side-kick for your accent colour. One of my favourite combinations is pale warm grey, mustard, and splashes of muted mauve and teal.

- Tribal and Moroccan motifs and patterns. Boho style is all about mixing and matching patterns and colours.

- Layers, layers, layers. Try creating a mix of different - and mostly natural - textures, materials and patterns. Timber, fur, velvet, linen, clay and ceramics and tarnished metals are often key elements in a Boho style home. Tassels, fringes and pom poms on soft furnishings such as cushions and throws also adds another textural element. Try layering and grouping as many things as you can - from cushions to plants and everything in between! Clutter can work for you in this style.

When tying all these elements together, don't stress too much with perfectly placing items in a particularly ordered way. Boho interiors are known to be perfectly unstyled!

Below are some of my favourite examples of Boho interiors, colour schemes and pieces. If you need some more inspiration, head to my Pinterest page.

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