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For those who have an existing space to be captured, but it needs a little love. 

Interior styling is so much more than just providing props to fill a space - it's about taking that space, refining it, and helping to capture it in the most engaging way. Adding elements that enhance the desired aesthetic, and taking away distractions. It's about capturing your attention, holding your gaze, and telling a visual story.


Em has styled numerous interiors for interior designers, architects, builders, trades and editorial publications.

To see more of Em's interior styling work, click here


It may be an almost-there home that just needs some accessories and a cherry on top, or it may be a completely empty shell needing to be filled from scratch. The styling can be layered and lived-in, minimal and architectural, or anything in between. No matter how you’d like the final images to feel, Em can help to create a style with the perfect amount of 'zhoozh'.

After establishing a brief and rough shot list, Em will plan and source any furniture, props or accessories that will help bring the space to life. Come shoot day, she’ll set up and style the space while working with the photographer to make sure the space and each element is portrayed beautifully – whether it comes naturally or needs a little help from smoke and mirrors.

Whether you would simply like to capture your completed work or are looking to have a space styled and photographed for publication, she can help. 

Em works on an hourly or daily rate. For more information or to request a quote, please get in touch.


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